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  • Myth #1: No one can love you until you love yourself.

    This week we are exploring some myths of mental health to debunk them and find the facts.  The truth can set us free, so here’s the tea on today’s truth…

    Has anyone ever told you that no one can love you until you love yourself? 


    No matter what, you were created with value and worth and you are LOVABLE! In every rumor or myth there is often a smidge of truth. The truth in this is that you may not FEEL loved by others if you don’t KNOW the truth that you are lovable, you are worthy, and you matter !  If you do not feel loved by others it may be a sign that you have a soul wound that needs to be healed. There may in fact be many people that love and value you but if you don’t believe that you are valuable and lovable then you may not be able to feel that love. So, the fact that you “don’t love yourself” does not equate to others not loving you, it simply means you may be numb to feeling it. 

    Here’s the good news! That wound can be healed. It takes time, energy, & effort but you can unlearn that lie and the truth can set you free.

    Remember, feelings are not facts. They are important and they provide helpful information but they were never meant to be leaders and sometimes they have been misinformed leading them to be faulty. If you feel worthless and unlovable, call those feelings out for what they are, FAULTY! Begin speaking truth to yourself. Create a new pathway in your brain by reading and speaking the truth daily that you are lovable, you are worthy, & you matter!  If you can’t do it alone, find a therapist that can help! 

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