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    Individual Therapy

    You may benefit from this service if you are looking to learn skills and explore life patterns while working one on one with your therapist. This would benefit you if you are motivated to look deeper into the roots of cause behind your current struggles.

    Meeting one on one with a therapist is helpful for a variety of concerns including: depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, grief processing, and improving problematic life patterns. If you would like to dive deeper into exploring and processing your unique patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving and also learn skills that may help you engage in a way that is life flourishing; this service would be for you.

    The first step to beginning individual therapy is to complete the intake assessment interview. This is an hour and a half interview focused on: exploring your current struggles, investigating past life experiences and patterns that may contribute to current struggles, determining if symptoms are interfering in a manner that represents a mental health condition, and considering an evidence based plan for treatment. This assessment interview can be scheduled by contacting us through the ‘Get In Touch’ button on the web-site.