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    Provider Referrals


    Thank you for your confidence in the services that we provide at PHS, LLC.  It is an honor to serve patients alongside you and to collaborate our services to better serve our community.  To make referrals more convenient for you we have provided a link below where you can submit your referral.  The information will be sent directly to us and we will follow-up within 48  business hours.

    Provider Referral Form 

    We find that we work better together and thus it is helpful for us to have some information from you as well.  We recommend that we discuss the benefits of collaboration with the patients we serve.  If you already have a signed Authorization for the Release of Protected Health Information please feel free to send it to us via Fax: 785.362.7100 or Email: [email protected] along with any helpful documentation that could benefit the treatment program initiated here at PHS, LLC.

    Thank you again for your referral and confidence in our services.

    Kind Regards,

    Jessica Snyder, LCP & Associates

    For information about privacy protection see: Google HIPAA Business Associates Agreement