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  • Wellness Wednesday

    Wellness Wednesday is all about developing wholistic wellness to live life as the best version of you.

    Today’s tip, MOVE your body!

    Regular physical exercise isn’t only good for your body, it’s also great for your brain. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant, a great anxiety reducer, and a way to reconnect with your body in a positive manner.

    You don’t have to start with an hour cardio class. Take baby steps. Take a 10 minute walk. Stretch for 10 minutes while watching your evening show. Start with just 10 minutes of movement a day and work from there. Setting realistic goals when creating new habits sets you up to succeed. If exercise is super un-enjoyable for you, pair it with something you love . Walk with your beloved dog, while listening to your favorite podcast or playlist, or with a fun friend. Pairing something we dislike with something we enjoy can help to change our perspective of what we dislike and makes us more likely to maintain the new activity.

    So, start with 10 minutes of movement today for better health tomorrow.

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