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  • Tuesday’s Tip

    Today I offer a mental wellness tip that most anyone could benefit from.

    Today’s tip is to TRACK IT. If there is something you would like to change whether it is to decrease anxiety, improve depression, lose weight, or stop snapping at your spouse SET A GOAL and TRACK IT. Research suggests that what you track improves. So, wrote it down, find a fancy app, or whatever works for you be track whatever you are trying to improve. To decrease anxiety, practice relaxation daily and track the practice. To improve depression, track every day you exercise and connect with your social network. To lose weight, track your food and beverage intake along with exercise daily. To stop snapping at your spouse, set a goal to say one kind thing daily and track your progress .

    We should all challenge ourselves to be our best selves. To do this we identify what we need to improve and set a goal of how we will do it. To set yourself up for success track your progress !

    Part of therapy is goal setting. If you need assistance with the goal setting steps that come before tracking and would like to improve depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, or recovery from past trauma therapy may be helpful. Contact me today to discuss how therapy could benefit you.

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