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  • Are You Willing to Fall…?

    Are you willing to be afraid…to fall…to struggle…if it means learning, growing, getting stronger, and getting better?

    Healing, overcoming, and recovering from any hard thing in life is much like my recent efforts learning to ski. It is flippin’ hard! You fall more than you stay up at first. It is scary. You finally get up the mountain just to face coming back down again and then getting back up. Both seem to take forever. Honestly it sucks at first. It’s just plain not fun.

    And, the more you persevere, the more you keep going up and down…even though it’s scary and hard…the better you get. The stronger you get. The more capable you get. The more confident you get.

    That’s what healing from anxiety, depression, and trauma looks like. You get better when you keep going.

    Sometimes you need a ski lesson with a skilled instructor. Sometimes you need a therapist. Having someone to give you the skills, tips, and encouragement can make all the difference.

    Don’t let the sucky part keep you back.

    KEEP GOING ! You can get better !

    If you need help getting there, let us know. Click the Message Us button –> to the right to ask questions and see if we can help you reach your goals.

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