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  • You GET to!

    REFRAME your 💭!

    What we think, we feel. What we feel, we do.

    Of course you can choose to act opposite your feelings but it is far easier to head destruction off at the pass. By reframing and creating new thoughts the cycle becomes better from the beginning.

    There are many things that I learned in graduate school but one of the lessons that has surprisingly stuck with me the most is one that didn’t even occur in the classroom. A wise professor once corrected me when saying that I “had to” miss class to go to an event for my child. He gently reminded me that I “get to” go to events for my children. It seemed like semantics then but when it resonated I realized that indeed I felt burdened and acted out of duty when I thought I “had to”. When I realized that I “get to” miss class and attend an event for my child it brought so much more joy and I found myself so much more engaged in the event.

    This is true for all things in life:
    I get to workout.
    I get to tidy up my home.
    I get to read my devotions.
    I get to work on my mental health daily.
    I get to go to work.
    I get to work through problems.

    Every obstacle and every blessing is an opportunity to learn and grow. You GET TO!


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