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  • Wisdom from Disney

    Y’all know how I love to soak up all the wisdom from @Disney movies. Spent time at the theater today watching the new Aladdin . If you haven’t , GO SEE IT ! Will Smith nailed it as the Genie.
    Anyway, The Secret Life of Pets 2 was previewed before the show and, without meaning to, the mischievous pets gave away the secret to ending anxiety .
    Overcoming anxiety is actually simple. Simple, not easy. Overcoming anxiety is rooted in doing what it is that makes you anxious long enough for your body and brain to habituate. What goes up must come down. This includes anxiety. If you can hang in there long enough, without avoiding or escaping, your anxiety level will come down on its own AND doing this will help to un-condition the anxiety response. Do this repeatedly and you will set yourself free from anxiety.

    My job as a therapist is to assist in this process and it is an honor to do so. If you are struggling with anxiety , contact a therapist this week and start the journey to FREEDOM!

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