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  • What’s My Problem? Goal Getting in 2019!

    It’s that time of year again.  The time of year that everyone starts making resolutions to be a better version of themselves.  Research suggests that only 8% of people actually accomplish their new year’s resolution.  But, like the post last week noted, resolutions are good but goals are better because goals have the work-boots on! Let’s set you on the course to be in that 8% by clarifying the GOAL you want to accomplish in 2019.

    Goals are based on improving something that is problematic, right? I don’t know about you, but I am not usually setting goals around things that I am already a rock-star at.  The trouble is that often we jump on the biggest problem because it is the most “in our face” issue we can think of when everyone starts talking about resolutions for the new year.  Then, we often fall short of what we wanted to achieve because we reacted rather than mindfully choosing the problem that we are most likely to be successful with resolving.  Take a look with me at an approach that might help you be more successful with your 2019 goals!  Take out your journal, a piece of scratch paper, or open the notes section on your phone and let’s sketch out a plan.

    First, before we get to setting a goal let’s figure out which problem may be best to tackle first.  Write your answer to these prompts:

    1. Think back on 2018 and ask yourself, what did not work for you.  What caused stress, problems, conflict, discontentment for you in 2018?  Was it your job, your marriage, relationships with your children/family/friends/co-workers, your health?  What is not going the way you would want it to?
    2. If you had a magic wand and could use it tonight before you went to bed so that you woke up to the life of your dreams.  What would be different that next morning?

    Now, were there any repeats in there?  Minus winning the lottery or other fantasy dreams that are not necessarily realistic today. Did your health, relationships, job, etc. show up in both? Pick 2 problems that are either repeated or stick out the most to you as being something that needs to change and circle them.

    Next, for each of the 2 problems you circled ask yourself the following rating each on a 0-10 scale with 10 being the most:

    1. How much of a problem is this in your daily life on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most interfering problem it could be?
    2. How important is it that you resolve this problem?
    3. How confident are you that you can resolve this problem?
    4. How ready are you to start resolving this problem NOW?

    Now, of the two problems circled, which one has 5 or above ratings on all 4 of the questions above?


    Here is why… Accomplishing a goal is like flying in a hot-air balloon with the goal being to sail through the skies admiring the beautiful scenery below.  Trying to take on a goal of resolving a problem that is not causing interference and is not important to you is like trying to fly a hot air balloon with no air.  You won’t even make it off the ground.  The drive to resolve something comes from it causing friction in your life in the first place and its connection to something that is important to you.  The flight of a hot-air balloon starts with the heating of the air in the balloon.  Friction in your life is the fire that heats the air and makes it rise enough to give you lift-off.  Once the heated air begins to rise the ropes will tighten and the basket will prepare for lift-off.  I know that if I didn’t think the ropes would hold the basket there would be no way I’d be stepping into that hot-air balloon. If you do not have confidence in your ability to accomplish your goal it is like not trusting the ropes to hold the basket.  Once the ropes tighten you are ready to fly high…. unless you did not consider the weight that the balloon could carry.  If you are not in a place of readiness to take on your goal than it would be like putting 1000 pounds in basket with a maximum capacity of 100 pounds.  You again are not going to make it off the ground.

    Setting ourselves up for success is not only important to the goals we will focus on this year, but it is important for every other goal and problem we will face in the future.  Having succeeded with accomplishing a goal this year WILL make you MORE LIKELY to succeed with future goals.  It isn’t too late to adjust your 2019 goal.  Set yourself up for SUCCESS by choosing the goal that you are most likely to conquer.

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    Jessica Snyder, LCP

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