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  • Self-care Is Buying The Underwear.

    What?!?!  Self-care is buying underwear?  Yes.  Stay with me.  I can explain. There are so many misconceptions running around about what self-care is and what it looks like.  Let’s set things straight.

    Self-care is NOT:

    • Spa Days
    • Mani/Pedis
    • Trips to Hawaii
    • Shopping Trips

    Okay, self-care can include some of these things if you wish but our society has greatly misconstrued what self-care is and has made it some elaborate spa day that people post on their Insta stories #self-care.  Self-care does not require a spa-day.  Self-care is an intentional filling of your cup to keep you from getting depleted.  It is small steps every day to keep yourself healthy.   Self-care isn’t always glamorous with cucumbers on your eyes and a mask on your face.  Sometimes self-care is buying that new pack of underwear at the local Wal-Mart because all of yours have holes in them.  Self-care is requiring a bed-time for your children so that you can have 30 minutes of down-time at night to sit on the couch with your spouse and do nothing.  Self-care is choosing to drink a glass of water when you wake up and one when you go to bed because it is good for your body.  Self-care is putting your phone on the kitchen counter for a few hours a night and getting some face-time with your family. Self-care is shoving a few baby carrots in your mouth in the afternoon for a quick nourishment for your tired body.  Self-care is going to church or reading a daily devotion to nourish your soul.  Self-care is jamming to your favorite song in the kitchen while you make dinner.  Self-care is hanging your laundry when it is dried so that you don’t have to sift through a basket of wrinkled clothes in the morning.

    Self-care requires diligence and intention not hundred-dollar bills.  It is not a luxury only for the weekends. Self-care is for everyone all the time because we need it.  You charge your phone and update it periodically.  You re-fill your coffee mug and wash it occasionally.  You fill your gas-tank when it gets too close to empty and get the oil changed every few thousand miles.  You do all these things to refill what has been depleted and to maintain things their best; self-care is doing the same for yourself.  Self-care is a necessity for all people. Take time every day to re-fill, to nourish yourself, to take care of your mind, body, and soul.  Take care of the life you have been given with REAL self-care every day!

    Take care of yourself today.

    Check out the Self-Care board on the PHS-Holton Pinterest page for hundreds of ideas for great self-care!

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