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  • Healthy Holiday Tip #1

    Be in the NOW! Slow down, pause, and just take a minute to be in your moment. Soak in your surroundings with your senses. Notice the little faces and hands of your children, breath in the cool (or warm, here in KS we never know) air, listen to your favorite Christmas songs or the crunching of the paper as it’s torn from packages, smell the delicious foods as they cook, taste the candy canes. Connect yourself to Christmas, 2017 by soaking it in and taking a snapshot in your mind of the experience. Hold the emotion of the experience for a moment. Just be. Being intentionally in the present moment enhances the experience and the memory recall of that event later. Enjoy your moments more this Christmas by putting the phone, camera, etc. aside and soaking it all in. A merrier Christmas begins within your own mind. Soak it all in this Christmas!

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