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  • Gratitude Changes Your Attitude

    Did you know that our brains do not actually multi-task that well?

    🗯When our brains are focused on worry, hopelessness, and fear it is hard for it to do anything else well. When we are focused on these we experience anxiety, depression, and stress.

    💞🧠🌊Did you know you can flip the flow? Gratitude is a tool that can be used to re-focus the mind towards what sparks joy and contentment. The brain does not do two things at once well so if you set it on gratitude mode it is not able to also be in worry, hopelessness, and fear mode well.

    Even better, this tool is easy to use….

    📓 Start your day by writing down 5 things you are grateful for. They can be simple: air to breathe, a home for shelter, food to eat, the breeze outside, & sunshine.

    Set timers on your phone throughout your day to prompt you to find one thing you’re grateful for in that moment.

    🛌 End your day writing down another 5 things you are grateful for from the day.

    Each time you do one of these take a second to breathe deeply in through your nose inhaling and thinking #iamgrateful and exhale from your mouth thinking #ThankYou. Thank your higher power for the #blessings you are #grateful for!

    Live your day in #joy through an #attitudeofgratitude!


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