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  • Thoughtful Thursday

    One of the most important things we need to be healthy is a healthy thought life. Our thoughts weigh heavily on our emotions and behaviors and thus this is where we can make a great deal of positive change.

    Today’s wellness tip is for your thought life and it is to THINK INTENTIONALLY.

    We were created with these brains that do amazing things. They create, analyze, operate, and coordinate. They also can over-do it sometimes can’t they? Those nights when you’re ready to sleep, laying in bed, and suddenly your brain wants to review everything from the day or prep everything for the next day. Over-doing it. I think this might be an appropriate time to use that teen-lingo..Sometimes our brains are “so extra”.

    In order to live well we have to think well :). If you let your brain run on auto-pilot it will likely over-do it. You are the authority over your thought life but you have to intentionally (and often repeatedly) interject in order to command that authority.

    A small step you can make in order to THINK INTENTIONALY is to meditate on a mantra. Find a positive and encouraging quote, a piece of scripture, or simply one word that reminds you of your goals or your truth and meditate on it daily. Write it in Expo marker on your bathroom mirror, put it on a sticky-note beside your bed and in your car, post it on your fridge and each time you see it take a deep breath and focus on it for a moment. Write it on the white-board of your brain as if you are reminding your mind to keep note of it for later. Meditate (focus intentionally) on the word on that figurative white board. This is being intentional in your thought life. It is important to not only be thoughtful to others, but also to yourself.

    So, today find your mantra and make note of it. Meditate on it repeatedly and see what happens when you become intentional in taking authority over your thought life .

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