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  • New Location

    PHS has a NEW HOME! It has been a long-awaited goal of mine (Jessica’s) to have a “forever home” for PHS.  With a lot of hard-work and perseverance, that goal has finally come to fruition.  Beginning, October 1, 2017 Psychological Health Services will be located at 626 Nebraska Avenue, in Holton.  For those familiar with the history of PHS, you will recognize this as the first location I occupied, where I started my practice several years ago.  PHS has come full circle and will remain at this location indefinitely.  The time-line on this goal was impeded a bit along the way for some technical difficulties related to zoning and thus the turn-around time on the move and set-up in the new location is going to be quick and a bit of a work in progress.  Please be patient as I work hard to create a comfortable healing space for the sacred work that takes place at PHS.

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