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  • Mindful Monday

    The simplest way to explain mindfulness is that it is paying attention on purpose. In our go, go, go society it is easy to become “mindless”. Forgetting 10 miles of your 30 mile trip into the city, wondering whether you washed your hair already while in the shower, forgetting what you came into the room for; these can all me examples of a lack of mindfulness. Today’s tip is to help you improve how mindfully you are living. Just like most things in life baby steps will get you there.

    TODAY’S Mindful Monday tip is to drive to work or errands today mindfully. Leave the radio off, get off your phone (seriously, keep this one as an every day rule…don’t cell-phone & drive), put your mascara down, leave the ruminating about the day ahead for later. Narrate your drive in your mind. “I’m starting the car, I’m putting it in gear, I’m reversing …… driving past 198th road, passing on the left …etc, etc.

    Mindfulness begins when you pay attention to the present moment and plug your senses into your experience. Notice the feel of the steering wheel, experience the smell of the car, listen to the sound of the engine and blinker.

    As you start your day mindfully today, notice if it leads to any changes. Are you more focused, less stressed, or more present in the here & now?

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