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  • FriYAY

    The week’s final wellness tip is 🥁…

    🎉CELEBRATE your victories! 🎉

    It is just as important to celebrate the small steps we take towards our goals, as it is to set the goal. Celebrating yourself provides reinforcement of a behavior that you want to increase the likelihood of happening again. Change is not all or nothing and it does not happen in one giant leap, change is the outcome of a lot of small steps.

    If you did even one of this week’s wellness tips, CELEBRATE YOURSELF. If you followed through on one thing that helps you be the best version of yourself, CELEBRATE it.

    I heard a quote this week that says “What’s rewarded is repeated.” [John E. Jones]. This is so true. We live our lives doing more of whatever is reinforced. Let’s reinforce ourselves to live well by celebrating the small victories we accomplish every day.

    🌟Go celebrate yourself today!

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